Friday, July 29, 2011

Create Your Own Dating Site
  Yes you can even set up a dating site like mine! To create your very online dating site simply register and create. You won't make money for free members, but as people upgrade ( And they do) you will earn a commission!

Contest, Sweepstakes and Reward programs
 One great way to make money or win merchandise, it to enter sweepstakes and promotions. For example Marlboro is always running contest/ sweepstakes and giving away free merchandise.
EZWin is a great site where you enter (for free) to win great prizes such as gift-cards Ipods, camcorders and more! You can't win of you don't play!

Get Paid To Check Your Email

 I win cash/giftcards by simply checking my email. If you are interested, email me and I will invite you to just a few money making sites to get you started. Post "INVITE ME" in the subject line! Some great examples of email income are Freeride, Rewards1. There are many other online opportunities to cash in, by simply checking your email. Great sites to join are Freeride and RewartPort. Earn money by simply checking your email!

  There are plenty of ptc sites that are willing to pay you to view websites and accept offers. 
Vmail is a great site that offers 2 cent vmails as well as cash paying offers. Cash out at $5!
HillbillyClickers is a ptc site that has a low $2.00 payout!
Logi PTC is another site that pays you to view websites. Low $5.00 payout!
Adpay. View websites for cash. Low $3.00 payout!

                  Referrals Referrals Referrals

 Make More money by getting referrals. There are many ways to do this. For example use our forum or the many other forums on the internet to recruit other members who are also looking for ways to make money. Building your downline is an important factor in generating cash on the Internet. 

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