Friday, July 29, 2011

Money Making Sites "Get Paid to view websites, watch videos and respond to text messages"
Beezag is a website where you simply watch short videos and earn pints. Redeem for cash. Pay attention the short videos as 2 numbers will scroll across the screen. You will need to type those numbers on to get credit. Easy and only takes a few minutes each day!
Crowdtap is a marketing site where you simply point and click. Earn points and Cash. Get paid for getting referrals.
Cash Gopher is a program you download and when your computer is in idle is starts to generate cash. This is a program you need to download on your computer. It doesn't slow you down, but instead it works in your idle time and you get paid for it. Build your referrals and make even more. If you have multiple computers, that's fine as well. Free money, no work!
Instant Cash Sweepstakes wont make you rich, but you can make money on this site several different ways. First of all you can become a pro user which is completely free. As a pro user, ICS will send you certain market research surveys for which you are guaranteed an instant cash payment. Secondly, you can take part in the small surveys every couple of hour and earn points, and coins, in which are entered into drawings. There are also small amounts of cash rewarded in the smaller surveys. I won the daily $50 drawing. There is also other drawing for $2.00 as well as $250. Get referrals, and when they earn, you earn.
 Clubbing is not a site where you can make money, but you can earn great merchandise such as camcorders, Dell notebooks, electronics and more. Earn 500 points daily playing simple little word games. Most of the games are scrambled letters in which you have to make as many words as possible. No problem, use this handy word descrambler. In a short time, you will meet the 500 maximum daily points.
  Bing Rewards    is a great place to earn gift cards. Quick and easy!
Become a ChaCha guide and start earning money! Work as much as you want and decide when you get paid. Register take a quiz and if you pass, your employed.
Weegy is a site (Similar but not as advanced as Chacha) where you answer questions and earn cash.
 Reward1 is a great site with great electronic gift cards. Accept offers and earn xbox live memberships and more!

Readbud is a great site where you read and rate articles for cash. Cash out at $50!
Paid2Youtube . That's right, get paid to watch Youtube video's. Join for free and cash in with Youtube!

Earn Money Taking Surveys.
 Pocket some extra cash by taking surveys. There are hundreds of survey sites that offer cash incentives for just offering your opinions.
BigSpot will direct you to several great paying survey sites!

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